Fort San Pedro of Cebu


Close to the Pier area in Cebu City you will find the historic fort San Pedro. It was founded by the Spaniards after they have settled in Cebu. Fort San Pedro is the oldest and the smallest fort in the Philippines. It was triangular in shape and made of mortar and stone. It has the total area of 2’025 sq. meters. The wall is 20 feet high and 8 feet thick. The tower is 30 feet high from the ground. Its ancient walls have still strong until now.
Fort San Pedro Cebu was built by the Spanish and Cebuano under the command of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Spanish Government in Cebu. The work first started on May 8 1565. After the battle in Manila Bay, Commodore George Dewey turned the fort into the hand of local Cebuanos. It became the American Warwick Barracks during the American Regime. Later on it was converted into a classrooms where Cebuanos could receive a formal education. After 1950, Cebu Garden Club took over and fixed the inner court into a miniature garden. At the present the fort serves as a museum and a park.
General admission for Fort San Pedro is 30php. The place is rich of cultural history. The fort protects the legacies of the Spanish Government including the well maintained Spanish artifacts like, Spanish documents, Paintings, Sculptures, cannons, Chapel, prison dungeons, living rooms, bedrooms, school rooms and oasis garden. A large statue of Legazpi and Antonio Pigafetta is made top stand outside the fort. The museum also contains old coins. You will also get a clear idea about the architecture and the usage of the types of materials in the making of the fort. There is not much there now except for Spanish structures, a few cannons, a courtyard, and old walls that just manage to convey a historical atmosphere. It is perfect for visitors just wanting to relax, know a bit of Cebuano history, and take loads of pictures. Aside that you are enjoying in the place you will also know about history of Cebu, so it’s worth to see.
Riding a taxi is the best and easiest way to go the place. All taxi drivers know the place, it was located at Plaza Independencia.

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