Museo Sugbo also called Cebu Provencial Museum

Museo Sugbo also known as Cebu Provincial Museum located in M.J Cuenco Avenue in the old Spanish-era area of Cebu named Tejero. Before it was the home of the world famous, Youtube sensation Cebu Dancing Inmates- the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center or CPDRC.
The CPDRC structure was built on 1871. IT was designed by a Spanish architect named Domingo de Escondrillas. Back then, It was also known as Carcel de Cebu which means Provincial Jail of Cebu before it a museum. It was believe that a lot of coral stones from Parian Church were used to build to build the part of the prison. After 20 years of use, a renovation was ordered and they added more buildings at the back of the main structure which now serves as the first six galleries of Museo Sugbo.
Upon entering the museum the nominal fee is collected. Adults: P30(Filipinos), P75(Foreigners and Balikbayans). Students: P10(Filipinos), P50(Foreigners and Balikbayans). Seniors Citizens: P10.
This is for the maintenance of the whole museum. All exhibition galleries are full air-conditioned and presently they don’t allow any picture or video taking inside the galleries. All exhibits are fully secured which may result in injuries if someone wants to steal the artifacts.
Four permanent galleries, three special exhibition galleries and one changing galleries housed in four separate buildings provide the visitor with a treasure trove of important objects and and artifacts. Witness over a thousand years of prehistory. Two special exhibition showcase the lives of Sen. Vicente Rama, father of the Cebu city charter, and the father-and son tandem of Gregorio and Jovito Abellana, a former Katipunero and playwright of patriotic zarzuelas, historical essayist and writer.
Two large permanent galleries in a separate building trace the political development of the Philippine state. Two large galleries in another building provide rare artifacts that are part of Cebu’s history.
Drop a coins and make a wish in the Well of Wisdom,Love and Good Fortune, just follow the instruction attached in the well.
It’s about 2 kilometers away from Fort San Pedro. It’s the perfect spot for your next destination. Take a taxi to go the place for a short ride.

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