The Cebu’s biggest annual festival that draws pilgrims from around the Philippines is the Sinulog. Sinulog or the Fiesta Señor is the Feast of Santo Niño. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of January and it is marked a colorful processions bearing the city’s venerated image of Santo Niño. The word Sinulog is a Visayan term for a dance that imitates the rhythm but after the Cebuano’s conversion to Christianity. It has a prestigious long parade of different costumes of dancers that showing how Sinulog its goes and many locals artist that giving the gratitude to celebrate the Fiesta of Santo Niño. There are colorful float that passing in every street in city and in the night there are many entertainment that organized by the people to show how beautiful the Cebu City it is and how the Cebu City grows into a better place.


The Magellan Cross in Cebu City

It is located at the center of the city in the front of Cebu City Hall building. It symbolized of being a christian right there in Cebu. It was been named from the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. Rajah Humabon of Cebu, his wife and his hundreds of warriors accepted the Christianity and consequently they have been baptized. As of now, Magellan cross was become a famous Cebu’s historical landmark.

Magellan cross is one of the most popular tourist attraction of Cebu. It was enclosed by a small octagon form chapel for protection from the sun, wind and rain. Above of it is a painting, an impressive painting that shows history. It is worth to see the beauty and to know the remarkable history behind of it. The history of it is really quite interesting.

It is also a working place and hang out place of souvenir seller. The popular product for the tourist are guitar ,shell craft and woodcraft.


The safest and the easiest way is take a taxi from Mactan Airport or the other part of Cebu. All taxi drivers know where it is.